Give Your Kerb Driveway a Facelift to Reveal Your Personality

19 July 2019
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The value of your property increases with the quality of your landscaping. Kerbs are an excellent addition to your garden, yard or driveway since they increase the overall kerb appeal of your property. However, your concrete kerbing deteriorates due to constant abuse and exposure to harsh elements. This not only reduces the functionality of your kerb concrete but also degrades your property's overall aesthetic appeal. Salt is among the de-icing substances that damage your kerb walkways and driveways in a big way. Read More 

The Global Warming Business Is Legit! Flooring Options That Will Help You Do Your Part

21 May 2019
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Many homes across Australia contain carpeting and other flooring materials that are either non-renewable or dependent on non-renewable resources. For many years, homeowners have been more concerned with making their homes visually appealing and never compromising on style. Thankfully, many homeowners are now aware of the increased shortage of natural resources and that the global warming business is a serious call for concern.  This growing positive trend has encouraged designers and manufacturers to seek eco-friendly flooring materials for the environmentally savvy homeowner. Read More 

Renson Window Ventilation Solutions

20 January 2019
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Window ventilation ensures clean air quality indoors. Poor ventilation through windows results in stuffiness and the buildup of harmful dust particles that can trigger breathing problems and allergies. Ventilation also prevents any unpleasant odors from building up from lack of air circulation. This is why a high quality window air ventilation system is essential, especially when you spend most of your time indoors.  Window ventilation This is a reliable, natural method of ventilating your home. Read More 

How to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient, Without Adding New Insulation

20 March 2018
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Adding new insulation is often one of the best ways to make your home more energy-efficient, meaning that you spend less money on heating and cooling throughout the year. However, your home may have adequate insulation, but is still losing heating and cooling through areas other than the attic, or new insulation might not be in your budget at the moment. Whatever the case, note a few tips on making your home more energy-efficient, without actually adding new insulation. Read More 

4 Roofing Mistakes To Avoid When Your Metal Roof Is Being Installed

19 March 2018
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Metal roofing has become very popular due to its durability, beauty, and energy efficiency. This kind of roofing is available in a wide variety of colours, styles, textures to suit any homeowner's preferences. In order to enjoy the benefits associated with metal roofs, you should ensure yours is installed properly.  The following are some common mistakes that many shoddy roofers make when installing metal roofs: Improper fastener installation Before installing a metal roof, a roofer needs to be aware of the differences in temperature and humidity and the effect they may have on the roof and the wood that is below. Read More