Give Your Kerb Driveway a Facelift to Reveal Your Personality

19 July 2019
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The value of your property increases with the quality of your landscaping. Kerbs are an excellent addition to your garden, yard or driveway since they increase the overall kerb appeal of your property. However, your concrete kerbing deteriorates due to constant abuse and exposure to harsh elements. This not only reduces the functionality of your kerb concrete but also degrades your property's overall aesthetic appeal. Salt is among the de-icing substances that damage your kerb walkways and driveways in a big way. If salt has already damaged your kerb driveway, contact professionals in kerb repairs to fix the problem. So what options do professional kerb repair contractors use to help your kerb driveways reclaim their stylish look? Keep reading:

Water-Resistant Sealers

Don't ignore the tiny cracks or potholes you see on your kerb concrete since they later cause regrettable concrete issues on your property with time. Applied water-resistant sealers penetrate the concrete through the pores, and they prevent water from the melting-ice from penetrating your concrete kerbing. Though you won't prevent the de-icing salts from melting the snow, you determine where the water from the snow goes. If you don't use sealers on your kerb concrete when repairing it, water won't bead off; instead, it will get into the concrete and cause more damage.

Acrylic Sealers

Acrylic sealers form a strong water-resistant layer on concrete surfaces to ensure no water penetrates through the pores. These sealers don't get into the concrete, but they instead remain on its surface to protect it. Kerbing experts use acrylic sealers to keep the concrete beneath safe from salts and abrasion that degrade it. These sealers not only protect your kerb driveway from salt damage but also give it a glossy look and enhance its appearance in a big way. Acrylic sealers come in different colours, and this makes it easy to choose sealers that suit your aesthetic interests.


Construction repair products such as densifiers increase concrete's structural strength. Most contractors use densifiers to repair the damaged kerb concrete and make it less susceptible to harmful elements such as moisture and salt. They spray the densifier on your kerb driveway to cause a chemical reaction between it and the concrete. A layer of calcium silicate hydrate is formed inside the concrete pores making the kerb driveway harder and stronger. This way, salt damage or abrasion won't easily damage the kerb concrete.

Water and de-icing salts are the greatest enemies your kerb driveway has. Any technique used to avoid them helps you to maintain the integrity, function, strength and aesthetic value of your kerb driveway. No one wants to spend money on kerb repairs twice or thrice a year. For this reason, always contact experienced kerbing contractors to offer professional repair services once you see signs such as cracks, potholes, drainage issues and rough appearance or if you haven't resealed your kerb concrete for the last three years.

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