How Much Will You Pay to Replace the Electrical Wiring in Your Old Home?

13 September 2019
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Replacing old electrical wiring in your home can enhance the efficiency of your electrical fixtures, improve safety and reduce energy costs. Old wiring is inefficient and causes bulbs to blow and circuit breakers to trip often. If the wires are exposed, they can cause electrical fires or electrocution. As you consider rewiring your home, one of the major factors to consider is the cost. According to Oneflare, the cost of hiring an electrician is between $130 to $270 per hour, excluding material costs and other expenses. Read More 

Choosing The Right Balustrade, And Why One Remains Head-And-Shoulders Above The Pack

28 August 2019
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Balustrades are a little bit of an odd phenomenon as you wouldn't think something that is so innocuous would have such a large variance in designs and materials. Yet, getting the wrong type of balustrade can cause a major headache. Wooden balustrades left outside can often begin to rot, stone balustrades are very expensive and can get chipped easily, and metal balustrades are prone to rust over time. When all you want is something that is practical and will still look good in 10 years, there is one clear option for you to choose: stainless steel balustrades. Read More 

Give Your Kerb Driveway a Facelift to Reveal Your Personality

19 July 2019
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The value of your property increases with the quality of your landscaping. Kerbs are an excellent addition to your garden, yard or driveway since they increase the overall kerb appeal of your property. However, your concrete kerbing deteriorates due to constant abuse and exposure to harsh elements. This not only reduces the functionality of your kerb concrete but also degrades your property's overall aesthetic appeal. Salt is among the de-icing substances that damage your kerb walkways and driveways in a big way. Read More 

Two Tips to Remember When Updating Your Bathroom

5 July 2019
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If you have decided to have some work done to your bathroom in order to update it, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind. Use zinc-plated builders' hardware to attach shelving units or wall-mounted cabinets If you want to add a few new shelving units to the bathroom or if you plan to have a new mirrored bathroom cabinet fitted above the sink, then you will need to use builders' hardware to mount these items onto the walls. Read More 

How to Build an Efficient, Durable and Profitable Commercial Marina

4 June 2019
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Commercial marine construction can be confusing and challenging. Therefore, if you are planning on building a marina for economic purposes, you should choose to hire a qualified contractor in marine design and construction. Professional help is essential for building long-lasting structures. Moreover, they can help you optimise your design to promote efficiency and maximise your long-term earnings. In addition to choosing a good contractor, you should read some tips to keep in mind for the construction of your commercial marina. Read More