Choosing The Right Balustrade, And Why One Remains Head-And-Shoulders Above The Pack

28 August 2019
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Balustrades are a little bit of an odd phenomenon as you wouldn't think something that is so innocuous would have such a large variance in designs and materials. Yet, getting the wrong type of balustrade can cause a major headache. Wooden balustrades left outside can often begin to rot, stone balustrades are very expensive and can get chipped easily, and metal balustrades are prone to rust over time. When all you want is something that is practical and will still look good in 10 years, there is one clear option for you to choose: stainless steel balustrades.

Stainless Steel For Every Environment

Stainless steel balustrades have many advantages over other materials, and the simple fact is that they are better built for any environment you are likely to have balustrades in. They do not weaken with age, they are not prone to rust like other metal balustrades are, they are very sturdy meaning you cannot accidentally fall through them, and they keep their original sheen and look for decades with very little maintenance. While other balustrades may have an advantage in one particular scenario or environment, stainless steel balustrades look good and remain strong across every possible environment you could want to have balustrades in. 

Customisable And Easily Replaceable

Perhaps the best aspect of having stainless steel balustrades is the huge amount of options you have to customise, upgrade and adjust them over time. Due to their popularity, there are a lot of fittings, bundles, tertiary equipment and other add-ons that you can use if you run into problems or want to change your stainless steel balustrades. Other balustrades do not have nearly the same industry around them, meaning that if you run into problems with wooden, stone or other metal balustrades, it is likely to cost a lot more to fix them.


If you have settled on stainless steel balustrades, then the next question is how you want to get them into your home: via self installation or through the use of a professional. This will really depend on your level of expertise and if you have any experience in construction. If you do, then this is a relatively simple job, and you can definitely avoid spending money on an expert. However if you have very little to no experience, then this is not the time to start learning. Stainless steel balustrades only work properly if they are installed correctly, and if you make a mistake, you could be jeopardising the safety of your family, a risk simply not worth taking.

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