The Global Warming Business Is Legit! Flooring Options That Will Help You Do Your Part

21 May 2019
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Many homes across Australia contain carpeting and other flooring materials that are either non-renewable or dependent on non-renewable resources. For many years, homeowners have been more concerned with making their homes visually appealing and never compromising on style. Thankfully, many homeowners are now aware of the increased shortage of natural resources and that the global warming business is a serious call for concern. 

This growing positive trend has encouraged designers and manufacturers to seek eco-friendly flooring materials for the environmentally savvy homeowner. As such, there are numerous flooring alternatives that are beautiful while minimizing the impact on both your wallet and the environment. 

Read on to find out eco-friendly options that will help you home become part of the solution!

Engineered wood 

If you are an environmentally friendly consumer looking to install a new wood floor, perhaps engineered flooring is your best solution. Unlike real wood, engineered wood is more environmentally friendly; it's made from a combination of adhesive wood particles that come from smaller renewable trees or unused portions of a tree such as the head. Also, the 3mm veneer sitting on each plank makes it so that more hardwood planks are produced from a single species of hardwood, thus reducing harvesting of slower growing trees. Engineered flooring lasts longer than normal wood flooring, hence guaranteeing that less wood will be harvested to meet demands.

Bamboo Flooring  

Did you know that bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and also one of the most durable eco-friendly flooring materials? Who knew panda's favourite food is one of the greenest option available that closely resembles wood and is available in many hues that will work with any décor? A bamboo forest only takes 4 to 5 years to rejuvenate completely and is available in a wide array of colours that allows for customisation not often found in other flooring materials. 

Cork flooring 

Harvested from the bark of cork oak evergreen trees, cork is a great flooring material especially in areas such as the kitchen or bedrooms. Perhaps you best know it as the material in your favorite bottle of wine or bulletin boards. A cork flooring is warm and spongy making it pleasure to stand on and more importantly, it has allergen-reducing properties, is easy to maintain and can be finished in a variety of stains. 


This high-ranking green flooring option is made from natural resins, broken down wood and cork fibers. While most people know little about linoleum flooring, it is extremely durable and an excellent choice for homeowners who suffer from allergies. This flooring option come in a variety of colours, styles and patterns that can easily mimic the look of wood, marble and even stone.