Renson Window Ventilation Solutions

20 January 2019
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Window ventilation ensures clean air quality indoors. Poor ventilation through windows results in stuffiness and the buildup of harmful dust particles that can trigger breathing problems and allergies. Ventilation also prevents any unpleasant odors from building up from lack of air circulation. This is why a high quality window air ventilation system is essential, especially when you spend most of your time indoors. 

Window ventilation

This is a reliable, natural method of ventilating your home. Renson offers a range of ventilation solutions for both commercial and residential clients. These window ventilation solutions feature specifically designed flaps fitted in windows, allowing different levels of ventilation.

Features of Renson window ventilation products

The latest Renson Healthbox uses a discrete window ventilation system that has the smart feature of self regulation. This smart box expertly removes polluted air from your indoor environment. The actual mechanism of action is carried out through a series of sensors that constantly monitor indoor moisture products, CO2 and odor levels. If these sensors detect that the air quality has decreased, they will then adjust the ventilation system to circulate clean air. Another smart feature of this Renson product is that it circulates more air in the bathroom where there are more odors. This ventilation system will automatically circulate less air when no one is at home and thereby conserve energy. 

Latest Ventilation Technology

There are different types of technology used to ventilate buildings, depending upon the balance between heating and cooling, to improve quality of air in a room. It is important to choose the right window ventilation system for the health of people living in a particular building, as well as to ensure that energy is being used efficiently. These systems come in a range of prices, including affordable options that still achieve good results. 

Track your home's air quality

All Renson products include an app, which is conveniently available on your phone. Using this app, you can track your home's air quality and see how the ventilation has increased or decreased. 

Security is not compromised

One major concern that people have with window ventilation systems is security. The latest technology in window ventilation systems allows air exchange without compromising on security. These are also designed to be largely invisible, and hence they do not affect the design of a building. 

There are a range of ventilation solutions that can also be customised to a client's specific needs. It is important to conduct your own research into window ventilation systems, then make a final choice.