Should you look for a civil construction company?

21 October 2022
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Are you planning a building project? For a small-scale project, such as a new garden wall or a home extension, you may be able to work with a local building company or even complete the work yourself over a few weekends if you are skilled enough and have sufficient time. For larger-scale projects, a different approach is needed. It's generally true that the larger and more complex the building project is, the more experience is needed to complete it. One type of project where relevant experience is especially important is civil construction.

What makes civil construction different?

All construction projects require a team with the experience to complete them safely. While residential projects are focused on the wishes of the homeowner, civil construction works typically have many more stakeholders involved. Civil works are frequently undertaken on behalf of the local or national government, adding a layer of complexity on top of the building work. Government officials will require regular progress reports at every stage of the project. There will also be input needed from those affected by the work, whether resident groups or neighbouring landowners. All these stakeholders will have views that must be accommodated and perhaps incorporated into plans moving forward. A typical building company may be great at building things but could lack the personnel and experience to relay information to and from the relevant individuals and to adapt their plans to take account of new information on the ground. A civil construction company will already be used to working with the government and will have working structures in place to ease the flow of information in both directions.

What counts as civil construction?

Often any large-scale project can be classed as civil works, but civil construction is more narrowly defined as any infrastructure involving transport, water, or earth. It may mean moving large amounts of earth to reshape the landscape to conform to the desired pattern. It may mean building a new long-distance railway line, digging a new reservoir, or designing an airport. Completed civil construction works can even be invisible to the uninformed eye as they may be tunnels or a city sewer system. These projects may be vital but are not noticeable to the casual observer.

Using a civil construction company

Whether you are building something new or repairing or modifying existing infrastructure, it is best to choose a company you can trust to deliver the project on time and within the budget while satisfying all relevant stakeholders. An experienced civil construction company is the most suitable choice for any large-scale civil project.

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