The Vital Role of Wastewater Design in New Developments

27 June 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When planning new developments, the focus is usually on the design of buildings and infrastructure. It's important to keep in mind, however, that wastewater design also plays a significant role in the success of a development. Ignoring this important aspect of planning can have dire consequences for the environment, public health and property values. So what do you need to know about wastewater design if you're planning a new development project?

Prevents Pollution and Protects the Environment

One of the most important functions of wastewater treatment is to prevent pollution and protect the environment. Without proper wastewater design and treatment, effluent (wastewater discharged into the environment) can contain harmful pollutants that can cause water pollution, damage aquatic ecosystems and even contaminate the food chain. Effective wastewater treatment systems remove contaminants and treat the water to safe levels, ensuring the protection of the environment and surrounding communities dependent on it.

Facilitates Recycled Water Use

Effective wastewater treatment systems can also facilitate water reuse and conservation – which is an essential solution to the growing water scarcity problem. Treated water can be reused for irrigation, landscape watering and non-potable uses, significantly reducing the demand for potable water supplies. In fact, a well-designed wastewater treatment system can make wastewater a valuable resource to reuse in ways to promote an economically viable and sustainable system.

Protects Public Health

Poorly designed wastewater treatment systems can pose a threat to public health. Wastewater contains diverse pathogens that can cause diseases like cholera, typhoid fever and other human infections. A thoughtfully designed wastewater treatment system that follows strict clean water guidelines can safely and effectively remove all pathogens and disease-causing pollutants before release.

Increases Property Values

Would you buy a property with a poorly functioning wastewater treatment facility? Likely not. Property buyers often do their homework. A structurally sound wastewater treatment system that is well-designed, installed and maintained is critical to the value of any new property development.

Complies With Regulations

All wastewater treatment systems must comply with applicable local, state and federal regulations. Stringent standards exist to safeguard the environment and community health. Proper design, operation and maintenance of your wastewater treatment facility are non-negotiable requirements to meet strict water quality requirements, pass regular inspections, audits and certifications and avoid hefty fines.

The Bottom Line

It's crystal clear that effective wastewater treatment design is an essential aspect of planning any development project. So leave it to the experts to guarantee your wastewater system is safe, compliant and sustainable. Reach out to a wastewater design service near you to learn more.