4 Top Considerations When Installing Commercial Lifts

30 August 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Lifts have more to offer than just structural support to business premises. They are vital in providing efficient transportation of people and goods to and from various building floors. When considering installing a commercial lift, you must keep in mind its overall safety and functionality. Furthermore, the success of your commercial lift installation is dependent on these four critical factors:

The Lift Capacity 

During the planning phase, determine the expected building capacity, as well as passenger waiting time. Every lift comes with relevant guidelines to help you calculate all these. These guidelines usually define a building's functionality, number of users and distribution across the building. For instance, a single grouping wouldn't be ideal for buildings exceeding twenty floors as that might lead to congestion during busy day hours. 

The Environment

Another vital consideration when installing commercial lifts is the lift's installation environment. It's therefore prudent to perform a thorough assessment to help installers know the best method to fit the escalator and the most suitable design. Several aspects like the number of floors and weight carrying capacity play a significant role in environmental evaluation. 

The Rush Hours 

If staff must take meals in a café or restaurant within the building, it's crucial to consider its placement. For instance, a restaurant on the first floor of your commercial premises might result in severe congestion during rush hour moments, like lunch or coffee breaks. The lift will be limited to serving the first floor alone, which denies services to people on other floors. Therefore, it would be wise to locate the building's food hub on the ground floor. However, if you plan to have your food hub on the last floor of your commercial premise, consider setting aside a separate lift to take users directly to it. 

 The Safety of Your Lift

One of the most crucial factors to consider when installing commercial lifts is safety. It's pretty vital to choose the ideal escalator for your commercial premises. A safe lift can withstand the weight of people when loaded to maximum capacity. Additionally, it must have a functional alarm system that is effective during emergencies. As a business owner, you're also responsible for ensuring regular safety inspections for your commercial lifts. Work with a reputable company that conducts routine maintenance and thorough assessments to ensure the lift operates safely. 

Final Thoughts

These are the four essential factors to consider when installing commercial lifts from capacity and installation environment to rush hours and safety. There are other crucial factors to consider, including speed and design, that you can research when installing your commercial lifts. Most importantly, choose a reputable commercial lift installer to get the best value for your money.