Do you need to buy a new pump?

18 December 2020
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If you have a lot of water that must be transferred from one location to another, then you probably won't want to employ a team of men with buckets to move the water manually. It is far more effective to use a pump to move the water where it needs to go. Davey pumps, as well as pumps produced by other manufacturers, can be effective at moving large amounts of water, but there are a lot of different types of pump available and it is important that you consider your options carefully before you buy a pump so that you can be sure that the pump you buy is going to be able to cope in the situation where you will use it. Here are three situations where you might need to use a pump, along with a suggestion of the type of pump that might be best for that job.

Moving water around your home

If you are taking your household water from anywhere except the water company, then you will need a pump to help you maintain water pressure. You must be able to move the water into your property and across every floor of the building. When the water gets to its final location, then it must still be at a suitable pressure for use. You don't want to be left with a shower that is little more than a dribble or a washing machine that takes ages to fill up before you can use it. Buying the right pump will help to ensure that all your household water needs are met.

Is fire a serious risk?

If your home is located somewhere there are often bushfires, then having the right pumps could make the difference between saving and losing your home. When you want to buy a fire pump, then you must be confident that it is capable of working hard under the extreme conditions a fire could present. A fire pump must have its own fuel source since it may need to work where no electricity is available.

Has your home been flooded?

If a fire isn't a major risk, then maybe too much water is your problem. Whether it is your sump pit which is overflowing or a broken pipe flooding your kitchen, investing in submersible pumps is the most effective way of transferring all of the unwanted water out of your home and safely into a nearby storm drain or other outside location.

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