Qualities of Good Timber for Construction

23 October 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Are you planning to repair your existing building or construct a new one? If yes, you are probably shopping for the best materials for your project. Of course, you will need many materials, but timber is the main one you will want to get. Timber is an essential building material for doors, windows, walls and even roofing. However, with so many choices of wood in Australia, the process of getting the best structural wood can be a little bit challenging. To help you make a wise decision, here are the qualities which you should look out for when searching for construction timber.

1.  Weight

Several factors, such as water, determine the importance of structural timber. For this reason, it is essential to measure the moisture content when determining the weight. You will want a light wood or a dense wood, depending on your type of construction.

2.  Toughness

The best structural timber should be resistant to specific vibrations. In most cases, constructers improve the timber's toughness by interlocking its general structure. A sturdy structural wood helps to make different automobiles as well as handles for various tools.

3.  Durability

Similarly to all types of building materials, an ideal structural timber should be durable. The strength helps it to resist biological agents and chemical agents, which might cause wear and tear.

4.   Appearance

Different types of woods have different colours. However, the best structural timber should have a dark colour. Others might have different colours but still have all other qualities of excellent structural timber. The colour should be uniform, and it should not have a sap.

5.  Sound and odour

Usually, good timber possesses a sweet smell when freshly cut. If your timber produces an unpleasant smell, chances are it has started to decay. And when two pieces of structural timber produce a ringing sound, then the wood is ideal for construction.

6.  Elasticity

Some types of wood are elastic, while others show very few signs of elasticity. The perfect wood for construction should be flexible so that it can be used in different parts of the development.

To get the best structural timber for your construction project, locate a company that provides timber supplies. There are many such suppliers in Australia, and a background check is therefore essential if you want to get the best product. Ensure that the professionals understand the lumber industry well and that their pricing is reasonable.