Three Big Reasons To Hire Land Surveyors

28 March 2022
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Land surveyors are professional engineers who are trained to measure and map the physical features of the earth's surface. They collect information about property lines, boundaries and elevations on a parcel of land. This information is used to prepare legal documents, such as deeds or property descriptions, or it is used in maps and other plans that show the location of real estate property.

1. Land Surveyors Let You Know The Property Boundaries, Locations And Easements Of Your Property

One of their primary functions is to determine property lines by conducting boundary surveys. This is important because some property owners have no idea where their true property line lies—and neither do the neighbours.

Land surveyors are also hired to determine the exact location of improvements (e.g., house, garage, shed, etc.) in relation to the property line or lot corners. This is done for various reasons; for instance, when selling a home, a buyer may request an improvement location survey to ensure that all structures on the property are within the boundaries of the lot and not encroaching onto neighbouring properties. Similarly, before purchasing a home or other piece of real estate, you may wish to have an improvement location survey conducted so that you can be sure that you're getting what you pay for—and that there are no nasty surprises once escrow closes

Another reason why land surveyors are often called upon is to determine where improvements sit in relation to easements. For example, your neighbour may need access to your property in order for their sewage pipes to connect with the city sewer system. Or perhaps there is an underground power line running through your land. 

2. Land Surveyors Help With Legal Issues

Land surveyors can also review the legal documents that you have on your property, so they can help you find out if there is a discrepancy between them and your actual property. This can help address issues with your property as early as possible.

If you are planning to purchase a land parcel, a land surveyor can verify that it is the correct one and that it is being sold at a fair price. It will give you peace of mind that you are buying what was advertised as well as save you from potential problems in the future when dealing with the land's title.

3. Land Surveyors Protect Your Investment 

When you purchase raw land, you're investing thousands or even millions of dollars in an empty lot. When you hire a surveyor to lay out the property boundaries and check the corners, you're protecting your investment by ensuring that your money is going toward the right piece of land.

When a home buyer purchases a house, the settlement statement includes the cost of a survey, which helps protect the purchaser's investment. However, many people who purchase raw land do so without having it surveyed first. They may not realize that they are gambling with their investment.

Imagine purchasing several acres of land on a hillside and planning to build your dream home there but then selling off an acre to pay for it because you mistakenly believed that your property extended further downhill than it actually does. Or imagine purchasing several acres that include a lake only to discover later that someone else already owns half of it and has rights to use all the water in it. Land surveyors can be invaluable.

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