Are Your Goods Really Time-Critical?

31 January 2022
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Are you frustrated by the high costs of flying your goods to their destination? Loading your products into an aeroplane and flying them over will always be the fastest way to get them to their destination, but it isn't the most cost-effective. Unless what you are sending is time-critical, there will always be a cheaper alternative. For journeys within the same continent, you can often drive the goods to the customer using a truck, but for customers overseas, marine transport is the best option for getting the goods where they need to be at a price-point both you and the customer can afford.

Is marine transport reliable?

Sometimes, manufacturers worry that marine transport may not be completely reliable. They assume that as marine transport is cheaper than air transport, it must be an inferior alternative. In reality, marine transport is just as reliable as air transportation. Your goods will be safely stored in a shipping container where they are protected from the weather and the sea. The ship carrying your container can be tracked across the sea, so you will always know the location of your container and when it will reach the final harbour. Knowing when the container will arrive can allow you to make the necessary arrangements for its onward journey. You won't need to worry about having staff standing idle, waiting for the container to reach the harbour, or making promises to your customers that you can't keep.

Do you need more space?

Cost isn't the only benefit offered by marine transport. If you send goods by air, you know how quickly the cargo hold of an aircraft can fill up. There is only a limited amount of weight you can put in an aircraft and still expect it to get off the ground. If you need to send large shipments, you may have had to use several aircraft to send all of your goods. If what you are sending is heavy machinery, or anything bulky, you may have had to separate it into a few parts so that it can either be more easily contained in the hold or transported on several flights. If you choose marine transport, you will find that space and weight are not such a concern. A ship can safely carry far more than an aircraft, and there is sufficient space to transport most items without breaking them apart.

Your local shipping company will be able to explain further the advantages of marine transport. Call today and see how quickly you could start sending your products across the world.