Will Your Construction Project Cause Vibration?

1 December 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Vibration is something that everyone feels, but that not many people take seriously. Vibration can be felt from something as small as a household drill or even a washing machine. However, these are only small examples and don't cause more than a mild inconvenience. Heavy equipment will generate much more vibration and can be more problematic. One area where lots of vibration is often generated is a construction site.

What causes vibration during construction work?

Construction sites are home to many machines. There will be bulldozers, cranes, trucks, and generators powering a range of smaller items. There will also be specific processes, such as hammering piles into place that can cause significant amounts of vibration. This vibration can cause not only disruption to neighbouring businesses but also harm to their buildings. If you manage a construction site, you must arrange for construction project vibration monitoring to ensure that vibration from all of your activities remains within legal limits.

How can you measure construction vibration?

Construction project vibration monitoring could be portable or static. The team overseeing your construction work must judge where vibration is most likely to occur and at what stages of the project there is the most risk from vibration. If you need fixed construction project vibration monitoring, your local vibration monitoring company should have all the equipment you need. If you need to move the equipment around or only need it for a short period, ask the construction project vibration monitoring company about their portable monitoring equipment.

What damage can vibration cause?

If you have never seen the damage caused by vibration, you might be wondering if the vibration is a big problem. It's easy to think that vibration doesn't matter, but it does have serious consequences, both to lives and property. The nature of the damage caused by vibration will depend on how close the work is to other buildings and what happens in those buildings. At the lowest level, the vibration could give your neighbours a headache. If there is any precision work being done nearby, the vibration could have catastrophic consequences. Anything from microsurgery to manufacturing could suffer from an excess of unexpected movement.

Buildings can suffer just as much as activities. Excessive vibration can damage property foundations, so it is wise to inspect nearby properties both before and after your construction work has finished, even if your vibration levels have remained within legal limits.