4 Benefits of Having a Spare Set of Keys

15 September 2020
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If you have ever been locked out of your house, you know how inconvenient and frustrating it can be. To avoid getting stranded in your home, the easy solution is to install quality locks that come with a set of spare keys. Ensure that you keep the keys within reach to prevent any hassles. In case you misplace your original keys, you won't have to break into your home. You can either carry the spare key with you or give it to a trusted friend to give it to you in case you lock yourself out. Continue reading for 4 benefits of having a spare set of keys.

Fast Key Replacement

If you have lost your keys, a spare key will let you into your home. You'll need to take the key to the locksmith to get a duplicate key. They will use the spare key specifications to make the replacement. The process is easier and faster than having to break into your house and change the locks. A qualified locksmith can make your new key much more easily. 

Protects From Unwanted Lockouts

The top benefit of having a spare key is preventing accidental lockouts. By carrying the spare key with you, you can prevent being accidentally locked out. Emergencies are unpredictable and it's better to be always prepared to handle them efficiently. If it's not convenient for you to carry around the key, you can leave it on the exterior of the house or leave it with a trusted friend or neighbour.

Saves You Money and Time

Having a spare key is cost-efficient. Having a spare key reduces the need for having to call a locksmith to open the locked door for you. It will also save you the time you would have wasted waiting for the locksmith to get there. It's much cheaper to have the original key duplicated and use the spare key instead, as opposed to spending more money when the locks or keys break. It eliminates the concern of losing your original key and spending money and time unnecessarily. 

Give Access To Other Family Members

If your home has more than one occupant, it makes sense to have more than one key. Rather than rely on everyone's schedules aligning, having spare keys make for a more convenient and more efficient solution. Having family members with spare keys also ensures that if you lose your set of keys, you can get in your door without having to break-in or call a locksmith.

If your original key breaks or you lose your keys, having a spare key helps the locksmith have an easier time repairing your keys and locks. Ensure you get a spare key sooner rather than later.