How to Build an Efficient, Durable and Profitable Commercial Marina

4 June 2019
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Commercial marine construction can be confusing and challenging. Therefore, if you are planning on building a marina for economic purposes, you should choose to hire a qualified contractor in marine design and construction. Professional help is essential for building long-lasting structures. Moreover, they can help you optimise your design to promote efficiency and maximise your long-term earnings. In addition to choosing a good contractor, you should read some tips to keep in mind for the construction of your commercial marina.

Plan for Boat Movement

The core element in a marina is the docking system. In simple terms, the primary clients in your new development will be boat owners who will be interested in leaving their vessels in a suitable spot for convenience. Therefore, when designing and building your marina, you should design the dock with extensive care. Naturally, you should ensure that the dock will be large enough for the storage of the potential vessels. It is also important to plan for convenient boat movement. Ensure that each vessel will be able to enter the marina and leave efficiently. Eliminate potential sources of blockage or jam in the marina by drafting out the potential flow of boat traffic.

Consider Safe Servicing

It is important to establish an ideal boat servicing spot in your marina. You can increase the future earnings in your commercial development by ensuring that vessel owners can get help with maintenance and repair within your marina. When planning for the establishment of a servicing bay, you should think about the optimal placement. It is important to make sure that the area is not concealed or difficult to access.

However, it should also not disrupt the view or interfere with boat movement. You should also plan for environmental protection. Boat servicing work can produce harmful waste which can be harmful in the aquatic environment. For instance, some engine fluids which are drained out and replaced will damage the natural ecosystem. Therefore, ensure that there will be a reliable method for avoiding polluting the water during these tasks.

Design Other Structures

Finally, you should focus on designing other structures for your commercial development. Modern marinas do not only depend on boat docking and servicing for earnings. You can create an environment which is suitable for people who might not be specifically interested in water vessels. For instance, it is possible to have a water park for children, eating spots and general entertainment. Consider incorporating these elements into your design for the long-term sustainability of your development. 

Reach out to commercial marine contractors to learn more about building a commercial marina.