What Can a Land Surveyor Do for Your During Your Subdivision?

1 April 2019
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Looking to generate maximum profit from the sale of your large tract of land? Subdividing and selling off your land in smaller lots is a clever way to maximise the real estate value of the property. But you will need to enlist the help of a land surveyor to ensure that the land division process is handled properly from start to finish.

Here's what a land surveyor will do for you during the subdivision.

1. They'll ascertain legal ownership of the land.

The first thing that a land surveyor will do for you is to ascertain that the land to be subdivided is indeed legally yours. They can achieve this by conducting a land title search online or at the local land registry to check ownership of the property. 

The search is also important because it enables you to determine whether there are any encumbrances such as liens, easements and covenants on the land. 

2. They'll define your property boundaries.

When it is time for your subdivision, it is important that you have the land surveyed to ensure that you're not impinging on someone else's property. A boundary survey will be required to establish where your exact boundary lines lie. 

During the survey, your surveyor will measure your land to ascertain that the measurements indicated on the maps obtained from the local land registry are the same as the measurements on the ground.

This way, you can avoid being involved in a property tussle pitting you against other property owners.

3. They'll plan out how the subdivision will be done.

Once your surveyor has determined the exact measurements of your land, they will prepare a proposal showing the proposed new plots of land. This plan must get all the necessary approvals from certain professionals and the local land department before it can be implemented.

4. They'll deposit the approved plans with the lands title office.

Once all the plans and documents have been approved by the lands title office, your surveyor will present the plan to the same office for issuance of new land titles. At this juncture, the surveyor places beacons on the ground to indicate the newly formed boundaries. 

As you can see, land surveyors play a critical role when it comes to land division. You simply can't afford to overlook the input of these professionals when you getting ready to subdivide and sell your land at the highest price possible.