4 Reasons Why Your Building's Valves Should Always Be in Good Working Condition

13 February 2019
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Currently, most buildings, both residential or commercial, have many gases and fluids circulating. Your building may have a clean water supply, fire protection, wastewater and HVAC systems that require valves to keep them working efficiently.  Valves are important as they regulate the flow of these fluids and gases. Therefore, they must be well maintained and kept in good condition. Below are some of the reasons why you need to have efficient and effective valves for your building.

1. Clean Water Supply

Moderate pressure is used for clean water supply systems. This system supplies water to the restrooms, kitchen areas and garden irrigation in some places. Considering their moderate pressure, bronze and iron materials are preferred for long-lasting systems. Grooved mechanical connections are used during fittings of the valves and pipes to protect them from any undue pressure and miscalculations. The valves control the circulation of water in the building, ensuring that water is flowing at the required pressures when needed.

2. Prevent Water Contamination

Valves are used to prevent water contamination by stopping water from flowing backwards to the main water supply. This is done by employing the backflow prevention technology, which ensures that any upstream vacuum or downstream pressure will not force water back to the main supply. Therefore, valves stop portable or contaminated water from flowing back to the clean water in the main storage.

3. Fire Safety

For any building, fire protection systems are essential and must be in perfect working condition. For effective functioning, the systems must be conveniently located with sufficient pressure. Considering valves are charged with controlling fluid flow and pressure, they are an essential component of the system.  A building's fire protection system with worn-out valves is a hazard for its users. In case of a fire, the protection system may not function as designed, leading to damages and even loss of life.

4. Proper Functioning of the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Imagine working during the summer in an office with a poorly functioning HVAC? The stay would be unbearable, and your productivity would be low. A perfectly functioning HVAC system is composed of a good piping system, perfect AC equipment and functioning valves. There are two types of HVAC fluids, namely steam-heat and hot-water control systems. Both rely on the well-functioning valves to regulate the flow of condensed air through the pipes for temperature regulation. Therefore, for proper functioning of your HVAC, you'll need to make sure that your valves are functioning as required. 

Valves are an essential component in any fluid or gas system, as they control their flow and regulate their pressures. Therefore, contact your valve repair contractor for scheduled maintenance and immediate repairs once irregularities are noticed.