Benefits of Using Metal Roof Trusses for Tiny Homes

3 January 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


One of the guidelines for tiny homes is that they meet roadworthy standards. These standards can change depending on the region you live in or will be traveling to. Some of the aspects that won't change is that the guidelines will cover the height and weight of the finished tiny home. This means that the items and the materials you use in your tiny home build will need to be chosen carefully. One of those items and materials deals with your roof trusses. Before you visit a roof truss supplier, consider the benefits of using a metal roof truss for your build.

Controllable Weight

One of the leading reasons to use metal for your tiny home roof trusses is the controllable weight. There are several types of metals to choose from with variable weights. This means that if you want to go with durable metal, but you want the lightest metal available for your tiny home, then you will have options open to you. You can also maintain the same metal throughout the tiny home build. For example, you can use the same metal in wall trusses, flooring and even in your shower stall and kitchen areas to maintain the low weight you are going for.


One of the concerns with roof trusses is using a wood that can become damaged easily due to weather. This becomes even more of a concern when you consider traveling and taking the roof through different weather conditions that may change drastically in a small amount of travel time. For example, you may be in a winter snow storm one night and in rain or sunshine the next day. This can cause water and weather damage from winds and heavy rains. When you use a metal roof truss, you have a higher level of durability and do not have to worry about water rot and damage that can lead to severe damage and repairs.

Pest Control

If you plan on parking your tiny home in wooded areas, you may find that you will be in contact with various pests. These pests can get into your tiny home and begin eating at the foundations and trusses, which can be a severe issue when you use wood trusses. However, if you use a metal roof truss option, you can reduce the chances of pest issues and damage. The metal repels pests and helps to maintain the durability and build of your tiny home.

These are just a few of the benefits of using metal roof trusses for your tiny home build. If you are ready to visit your roof truss supplier, make sure you have the building design with you. It will help the contractors narrow down the right trusses for your needs. They can also help with pricing and with questions about delivery, installation and other questions you may have.