How can a steel roof make your home a better place to live?

9 September 2018
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If you need to re-roof your property, then you have several possible options. Tiling is always a popular choice, but it isn't always the most practical solution for the Australian climate. The Australian weather varies from the extremes of very cold to very hot and there can be large amounts of dust, rain, wind and hail for your roof to endure. These conditions can potentially place a great deal strain on your roof, and not every type of roof can cope well with this weather. For a solution that has been tested and proven successful in the Australian climate for many years you can't do better than a steel roof, such as Colorbond roofing.

The sustainable choice 

Sustainability is something that is becoming more important with every year that passes. Steel is not only durable enough to provide a long-lasting solution to your roofing needs it is also entirely recyclable, so you can be sure that when the time does eventually come to replace your roof none of the steel will be going to waste, it will just be turned into something new and start the sustainable cycle over again.

The Energy-efficient solution

Steel roofing can help to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Most types of Colorbond roofing are fitted with solar reflectance technology as standard this reflects back a large part of the sun's rays helping to keep your home cooler during long hot days. A cooler roof is a less stressed roof, and it also means that you need to run your air conditioning units less frequently, helping to lower your household energy bills.

The safe solution

Fire is a risk for any home, but it is especially a concern if you live in an area that is prone to bushfires. Choosing steel roofing for your property is a good way to protect your home and to reduce the combustibility of the property. Why take unnecessary risks when a steel roof can help keep your family safe by stopping your property catching fire?

The easy maintenance solution

No-one actually likes roof maintenance. Whether it is fixing the guttering or cleaning the roof, it is an awkward job that is often avoided for as long as possible. One advantage that Colorbond roofing, and steel roofing generally, offers over other roofing materials is that it is quick and easy to maintain. Simply washing the roof with clean water and ensuring that debris does not build up against the steel is all you need to do. Using a hose to clean the area under the eaves two or three times a year is also a good idea.

A steel roof is the right choice for your property. Talk to your local roofing company today and find out how you could improve your home.