Landscaping Supplies You Might Consider for Creating a Lush Outdoor Space

20 March 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you want to create a lush outdoor space for your property, you'll need the right landscaping supplies. Obviously this will mean gloves, a rake, and a hand trowel for turning over the soil and for planting bulbs, but these are not the only supplies you'll need for making your outdoor space one that you truly love. Note a few other items you'll want to put on your list of supplies, so you can more readily create an outdoor space that is inviting, relaxing, and downright beautiful.

Shrubs and trees 

Shrubs and trees need to be purchased from a nursery and then transplanted to your yard. Shrubbery will provide privacy between you and your neighbours and can hide an unsightly fence. Landscaping trees add shade to other landscaping features, so that they are not damaged by hot sunlight. Choose boxwood shrubs for something thick that is easy to trim, and Japanese maple trees for colour, and for a tree that doesn't grow overly high, making it a great choice for planting next to a garage or the home itself.

Annuals versus perennials

A good way to remember the difference between annuals and perennials is that PERennials PERpetually bloom, whereas annuals need to be planted annually, or every year. Perennials are often more expensive, since you only need to plant them once to enjoy their flowers every year, and they may take longer to grow and blossom. Annuals are an affordable choice for filling in empty spaces while you're waiting for your perennials to bloom.

Gravel and river stones

Gravel is very durable, so it's a good choice for driveways and walkways. River stones are smooth and not as strong as gravel, but they can be used for borders around landscaping features. These landscaping supplies hold moisture in the soil and provide a more solid surface for walking or for a driveway and can be an affordable option to patio pavers, concrete, and other such edging materials.


A birdbath in the middle of your property can add a nice water feature to the space, but their main attraction is the number of birds they draw to your property. This can be good if you want to sit on the patio or deck and do some bird watching, but be mindful of any seeds you may have planted, as birds easily eat grass seed that is sitting on top of the soil. If you don't plan on putting down grass seed, a bird bath can add lots of visual interest to an otherwise dull area of your lawn.