4 Roofing Mistakes To Avoid When Your Metal Roof Is Being Installed

19 March 2018
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Metal roofing has become very popular due to its durability, beauty, and energy efficiency. This kind of roofing is available in a wide variety of colours, styles, textures to suit any homeowner's preferences. In order to enjoy the benefits associated with metal roofs, you should ensure yours is installed properly. 

The following are some common mistakes that many shoddy roofers make when installing metal roofs:

Improper fastener installation

Before installing a metal roof, a roofer needs to be aware of the differences in temperature and humidity and the effect they may have on the roof and the wood that is below. Installing the roofs without considering these factors, can cause the fasteners to back out or rust. Fasteners that are wrongly installed can cause leakage or permanent damage if not rectified sooner.

Improper flashing

Flashing is a material that connects the metal roof to other items such as vents and chimneys. A roofer should ensure that the metal roof is well sealed to prevent moisture from seeping in. Getting the correct type of flashing and proper installation will ensure your roof is impregnable to rain.

New roofing installed over damaged roof structure

Before metal roof installation, the roofer must check for dry rot or any other signs of water damage on the roof deck. When you don't have a stable base to install your roof over, your metal roofing could become loose or get prone to gaps, allowing water to sip in and cause great damage.

Colour variability

Like it or not, your roof will impact the exterior appearance of your home and neighbourhood. A roofer should ensure that the roof's colour is consistent throughout. If you take a close look at a metal roof that's not properly installed, you will notice that there is a difference in the colours. This mostly happens when roofers do not understand the effects of using different batches of metals.

Ignored manufacturer's specifications

Your metal roofing needs to be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications; otherwise, it would not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. A voided warranty will end up costing you if your metal roof is damaged and some sections need to be replaced. You should, therefore, check the warranty requirements and have your roofer follow the instructions.

To avoid the above discussed roofing mistakes and many more, it is important that you hire an experienced metal roofing installer. They will pay attention to even the slightest metal roof installation details.