Is a Picket Fence Right for Your Property?

15 March 2018
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When it comes to fencing for a residential property, you certainly have many options from which to choose, including metal spikes or bars, chain link or mesh fencing, wood or vinyl panels, and wood pickets. While each of these options have their own pros and cons, you might consider if picket fencing is the best choice for your yard. Note a few questions you might have and some factors to keep in mind when choosing a new fence, and this will help you to decide if a picket fence is the best option for your property.

Are they eco-friendly?

You may think that a wood fence is damaging to the environment, assuming that forests must have been cleared for your home's fence! In truth, a wood picket fence is very eco-friendly; the wood may be grown in a sustainable forest, meaning one that is set aside and maintained specifically for the wood needed for home projects. Reclaimed wood pieces can also be planed down and fabricated to create a wood fence. Note too that the wood of your picket fence will be easy to recycle if pickets ever get damaged and need replacing.

What about security?

A picket fence can actually add to your home's security; potential thieves often like to see into a property before entering, so pickets spaced close together can easily obscure their view. Also, a picket fence can be made with very pointed and sharp slats that are uncomfortable for anyone trying to climb the fence, so a potential intruder may simply move on to another property!


When you think of a picket fence, you might picture a traditional white wood with pickets that come up to about your knees. This is certainly a very attractive design if you want something unobtrusive and a bit 'country' for your yard, but it's not the only design available for wood pickets! A picket fence can be as tall as you prefer, so you might opt for something too tall for your active dogs to jump over, as an example. The pickets can be spaced with a slight gap between them for increased light and air circulation or they can be placed against each other for maximum privacy. The pickets can also be pointed, rounded or square at the top, and the top of the fence can be set with a separate rail that creates the look of a frame around the fence. Whatever your preference, you're sure to find a picket fence that actually enhances the appearance of your property.