Uncovering the hidden danger in your home

14 March 2018
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Asbestos is a hidden danger that may be lurking around your property. Asbestos was once a commonly used material which provided resistance against chemical sources and heat but more recently it has been discovered to be deadly. It was realised that exposure to asbestos creates a serious risk of disease including Mesothelioma and lung cancer and use of asbestos has now been banned around the world.

If asbestos has been banned where's the risk?

No new buildings are using asbestos in their construction but there are still a large number of places around the home that asbestos can be found. If your property was built earlier than the 1980's it's likely that you will need asbestos removal at some point. If you think that any part of your property could contain asbestos you should talk to an asbestos removal expert before you attempt to remove it.

Where can asbestos be found?

Asbestos can be found in lots of places. You might have asbestos in the sealant or caulk that is holding in your doors and windows as asbestos is great for maintaining temperature in your room. The noise blocking properties of asbestos also led to it becoming a popular insulation material in ceilings and walls so if you are planning any home renovations that involve taking down walls you may need to talk to an expert about safe asbestos removal from your property walls or ceiling. Asbestos was commonly used in the past to secure concrete or wooden materials in place, so you could discover asbestos being used for adhesion as well as insulation in a ceiling you are removing or renovating. It's not just the fabric of your home that may contain deadly asbestos. You can find asbestos in many old pieces of furniture, anything made between the 1930s and the 1960s could incorporate asbestos as a cushioning material. Before you break up any older items of furniture always stop to consider whether there is a risk from hidden asbestos.

Is there asbestos anywhere else?

Asbestos was such a widely used material that it is possible that you might come across it almost anywhere. It could be in your floor tiles, your pipework and guttering, or in the corrugated sheets covering your garage roof. If you suspect that you have discovered asbestos then you should not try to move it or touch it. You should arrange for a qualified expert to undertake asbestos removal and disposal in a safe manner.