Does your fill need replacing? Check your cooling tower now!

13 March 2018
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Your HVAC system is the one of the most vital pieces of equipment in your factory or office. The ability to control the temperature and maintain an environment that is conducive to productivity and working is essential. Your HVAC system is important but how much time do you really spend thinking about maintaining it properly?

Why you really should look after your industrial cooling towers

For most of the time the cooling tower of your HVAC system probably gets very little attention but you really must ensure that it is working properly. If problems develop with your air handling system or cooling towers then you could have much more than a slight inconvenience on your hands. A problem with a cooling tower could lead to growth of bacteria such as Pseudomonas or Legionells which can be potentially deadly.

What could go wrong with my cooling tower?

Cooling towers are subject to three main problems. Sometimes the internal coating of the cooling tower needs to be replaced, at other times it is the mastic that sits between the joints that needs replacement as it has lost elasticity causing the joints to start leaking. The third possible problem that you may experience with your cooling tower is the need to replace the fill. From time to time cooling tower fill replacement will be needed because your fill has been damaged or contaminated.

Why is cooling tower fill replacement needed?

Whether your cooling tower is the vertical offset type or the cross-corrugated type you will still need to think about replacing your fill. In some cases it may be obvious that cooling tower fill replacement is needed. You might be able to look at the tower and see that the fill is visibly hanging or is damaged in some way. At other times there may be nothing apparently wrong with the fill, but it could still need replacing. As the fill in your cooling tower gets older you may notice that your cooling tower does not operate as efficiently as it once did. The cooling tower fill aids the heat transfer the cooling tower should facilitate and as it ages it doesn't do this as efficiently as before. Replacing your fill should greatly increase the longevity of your cooling tower.

Talk to a qualified HVAC engineer today, they will be able to advise on whether cooling tower fill replacement is needed, or whether there are any other problems with your HVAC system that should addressed.