3 Important Considerations When Using Timber Poles

13 March 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Many developers are turning to timber poles when putting up fences. The increased attention towards timber poles is based on the fact that top-quality fencing timber is durable and also improves the look of your property since it blends in easily with nature.

Below are various considerations that you should take into account when you are using timber poles.

The distance between multiple poles

The spacing between timber poles plays a critical role in determining the strength of your fence. You can decide to either place the poles close to each other or leave a huge distance between different poles. The best approach would be to place the poles close to each other. In this way, the additional material, such as a chain link fence that is used to cover the distance between the two poles, gets sufficient support.

Suppose you have two poles that are wide apart, the chain link fence between them can become loose at some point, and an intruder can lift some sections in the middle and gain access to the property. However, this is impossible when the poles are close to each other since the chain link fence will be fully stretched out. This makes it impossible for any part of the fence to be lifted and used as an access point.

Weak points where fixtures are needed

It is necessary to have an access point along any fence to allow you to get into the property and leave. Such access points can become weak points if they are built without any consideration of the location of the timber poles. To ensure that the fence remains strong, supporting pillars of the gate or access point should be placed next to the timber poles. In this way, the integrity of the fence is maintained up to the access point.

Durable foundations

Your fencing efforts can be futile if you have the best timber but you use weak foundations. The foundation plays a critical role since it supports both the weight of the timber pole and the rest of the fence. As such, you should not use the weight of the timber pole as the only determinant when setting the foundation. One strategy that can be used to ensure that the timber pole adheres strongly to the concrete foundation is to make some markings in the area that will be fixed in the ground. Additionally, make sure that the concrete used can withstand different weather conditions such as heavy rains or extremely cold weather without cracking.