Tips to Enhancing Kitchen Bench Space in Your New Home

12 March 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


A new home build is an exciting prospect as you essentially are getting a clean slate to build your dream home. But some people can be caught up in trying to curate the perfect floorplans that they end up overlooking some critical aspects that will be integral to the comfort and functionality of the residence. One of the features that may seem straightforward at the outset but can quickly become a frustrating part of your home is kitchen bench space. Without an adequate number of benchtop, your kitchen can soon look cramped and take all the joy out of meal preparation. Thus, it is imperative to accord resourceful planning into the creation of this space when constructing your new home. So what tips could you employ to enhance the kitchen bench space during home construction?

Tip 1: Customise your countertops with pullouts

Since counter space is essential, come individuals may elect to have their benchtops as wide as possible in an attempt to minimise the inconvenience that comes with crowded counter space. Although this may seem logical, what you are not bearing in mind is that the wider the benchtops are, the more they protrude and the less manoeuvrable space you have. Therefore, even if you started out with a relatively spacious kitchen, your wide benchtops can make it seem considerably small.  Instead of wide benchtops, consider having your contractors integrate pullouts in the benchtops as they are being built. Pullouts allow you extra bench space, as you need it, irrespective of if you are prepping numerous items or are working with multiple people in the kitchen. And since they are hidden, you can be guaranteed that they will not be an obtrusive addition to your kitchen.

Tip 2: Install a kitchen island

Another simple yet highly effective way of increasing counter space in your kitchen is by installing a kitchen island rather than choosing to have the middle of the room empty. Some people may assume that having an island will disrupt the flow of traffic in the kitchen. But in reality, a kitchen island could actually streamline movement in this room, as people will be directed through clearly delineated pathways to get from one side of the kitchen to another. Having a kitchen island does not exclusively provide you with counter space. You also have the flexibility to opt for built-in storage inside the island! Therefore, not only do you have increase bench pace, but you also minimise the amount of clutter in your kitchen too!