Three Critical Factors to Consider before Choosing DIY End of Lease Cleaning

7 March 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you are planning on moving out of your rental house, you will need to clean the space before leaving. In general, the fair wear and tear of the building will be overlooked because homes will experience natural degradation over time due to normal usage. However, if the space shows signs of negligence such as mould growth, lime scale around plumbing and fingerprints on the windows, you will be held liable for the damage. Often, if you leave the house in poor condition, you will lose your bond money. Under ideal circumstances, you should hire a professional crew for the end-of-lease cleaning. However, if you are interested in performing the cleanup as a DIY project, you should consider the below-outlined factors before making your decision on the issue. 

Management Policies

You should check your tenancy agreement before choosing to clean your house before moving out. Typically, tenants in most buildings are eligible to carry out the critical end of lease cleaning work. However, some managers and owners require expert cleaning for some sensitive elements in the home. For example, the landlord might demand professional carpet cleaning. Carpets are difficult to clean completely at home because a lot of dirt tends to accumulate beneath the pile. Therefore, you might be required to commission steam cleaning for absolute cleansing. Failure to do this can attract penalties. So, you should check your tenancy agreement thoroughly. 

Cleaning Equipment

You should not choose to perform DIY end of lease cleaning if you do not have the correct equipment for ideal results. In general, there are multiple types of tools that you will need to eliminate stubborn stains, pollutants and general dirt. Also, there are places that you might not be able to reach, especially if you are required to clean exterior surfaces. For the best decision, you should create a comprehensive list of the tools you will need for the work, including high-end vacuum cleaners, elevated work platforms and steam cleaners. Calculate the rental prices and compare with the cost of professional cleaning.

Personal Time and Skill

Finally, you should remember that end of lease cleaning is a labour-intensive process. If you do not have sufficient time for cleaning, you might end up with unsatisfactory results. Moreover, the cleanup procedures can take up valuable move-out time or interfere with your other responsibilities. You should also evaluate your housekeeping skills objectively. If you are not trained or talented in the maintenance of buildings, you might need to hire expert end-of-lease cleaners after labouring unnecessarily.