Getting Creative With Wooden Pallets

7 March 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


The wooden pallet has to be one of the most versatile products of the construction and logistics world. Light in weight and affordable, handy and thrifty types alike are snapping up wooden pallets to complete all kinds of projects, from bars to desks and coffee tables.

If the idea of transforming one of these solid wooden bad boys into a slick new DIY project is the stuff of your dreams, you can find wooden pallets for sale, but you'll have to beat out the competition. The pallet is rapidly rising to prominence as a must-have for all weekend DIY warriors.

Once you have your pallet, all you need is a few simple tools, and you're on your way. Here's a sneak peak at a few truly innovative uses for the unsuspecting wooden pallet.

The Outdoor Pallet

Pallets fit naturally into all sorts of outdoor setting, and you'll find them used as coffee tables, planter boxes and stands for pots of colourful herbs. Pallets look fabulous when used as a base for outdoor seating, and some more adventurous DIYers have even transformed their wooden pallets into swing chairs.

The Wedding Pallet

The rustic and earthy look is incredibly popular right now and, with their simple planks of unfinished timber, wooden pallets are the perfect accompaniment to a rustic wedding. Dewy-eyed couples are rushing to incorporate the pallet in their wedding decor in a range of creative ways. Wooden pallets have been used to create a pulpit or lectern, providing an eye-catching place for a celebrant or priest to deliver those vows, and you'll find them masquerading as bars, dinner tables and photo walls.

The Luxury Pallet

While it may sound counter-intuitive, the humble wooden pallet is also making its way into many luxury homes. Wooden pallets are used in high-end design by combining their rough and rustic wooden planks with materials such as glass and metal to create truly unique interest pieces. From a simple, white-painted pallet coffee table covered in a sheet of glass to an entire kitchen island finished in glossy black, you'd be amazed by the design potential of the pallet.

Whether sanded and polished to a smooth finish or left in their original state, wooden pallets can be used in a stunning range of projects to suit any style or event. With a wooden pallet or two and a sense of adventure, the world of DIY is your oyster.