Signs Your Septic Tank Is a Plumbing Emergency Waiting To Happen

6 March 2018
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Not many homeowners will typically include their septic tank in casual conversation, but this does not make it any less critical to the proper running of your household. More so, if you have moved to a rural part of Australia, you will need to consider installing a septic tank system to facilitate efficient waste removal from your property. Although septic tank systems are pretty much self-maintaining, they do need to be emptied on occasion. Failure to do so in due time can put you at risk of a septic burst, which is not only a disgusting mess to deal with but highly hazardous too! Luckily, being on the lookout for the signs of a full tank can go a long way in preventing this from happening. So what are a few of the symptoms that your septic tank is a plumbing emergency waiting to happen?

Unusual puddling of water in your yard

Water pooling on your property after a storm is pretty normal, but when you begin to notice random puddles in your lawn that are unexplainable, you should hire an emergency plumber. When the septic tank system is close to reaching its capacity, it can become at risk of overflowing. The reason this happens is that solid particles begin to form blockages inside the piping, which in turn will cause the liquid waste to be pushed up toward the surface. Resultantly, the liquid matter accumulates in your lawn and may look like puddles of water. In reality, this is a severe health hazard and should be mitigated as soon as possible to prevent the spread of disease.

Progressively slow drainage in your property

Another red flag that should have you seeking emergency plumbing services before there is a critical situation on your hands is the development of slow drains in your home. Typically, slow drains will stem from blockages in your plumbing system. Nonetheless, if you have tried some DIY measures such as cleaning the drains or using a plunger and the drainage does not show any signs of improvement, it could be an early warning sign of a soon-to-be overflowing septic system. The slow drainage may also be accompanied by problems flushing your toilets, which could manifest either as slow flushing or as not being able to flush at all! Emergency plumbing services will be imperative to prevent any undue embarrassment and prevent the waste from eventually bubbling up through your drainage pipes.