Embarking On a Demolition Project? Be Sure To Reclaim These Materials

6 March 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Demolition provides you with a great way to maximise on property development, mainly when there are structures present that have no use for your project. However, whether embarking on commercial or residential demolition, not many people bear in mind the volume of materials that end up in landfills. Without a subsequent plan for these construction supplies, you could end up contributing significantly to environmental degradation. And since demolition produces a massive amount of waste, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are limiting your carbon footprint even as you engage in this project. Fortunately, waste salvage is not merely a good for the environment, but it can be profitable too. Here are materials that you should look to reclaim during your demolition project.


Glass is a standard construction and demolition material as all structures will typically have windows. However, a misassumption people make is that once the glass is broken, the shards will not have any value. The reality is glass particles can be incorporated into an array of uses. More commonly, the glass can be integrated into concrete supplies to create exposed aggregate flooring. On the other hand, the glass can be utilised as a raw material for sandblasting.

Concrete and asphalt supplies

Inarguably, concrete is one of the pervasive supplies that you will find at a demolition site. However, the same properties that make concrete a durable material for construction are the same properties that make it a non-biodegradable supply. Luckily, concrete can be re-used for numerous applications.  By salvaging this material, it can be broken down for subsequent uses such as flooring in new construction sites. Another salvageable supply is asphalt. When your asphalt roofing is demolished, the shingles can be processed to extract the crude oil they contain and be utilised for paving applications. Saving these materials can vastly decrease the burden put on the environment by throwing them into a landfill.

Steel supplies

Another material that can easily be reclaimed and recycled from a demolition project is steel. A surprising fact about steel is that it does not lose any of its structural integrity when it is recycled. Therefore, it is one of the materials that can be recycled and subsequently repurposed repeatedly for other construction applications. In addition to retaining its strength, the process of recycling steel is much safer for the environment than manufacturing new steel. By salvaging steel supplies, there are fewer emissions that are released into the environment when the material is put through the recycling process. Hence, recycled steel an eco-conscious building supply for new structures, bridges and more.